I'm using Visual Studio Code (v1.11.2).
Is there any way to disable wavy underline at all?

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    I understand you. Wavy underlines can impede reading. However disabling them is not a good idea because they often give you important information. My suggestion is to change the color such that they blend somewhat with the background, for example by setting opacity, see stackoverflow.com/a/48610661/220060
    – nalply
    Feb 5, 2020 at 9:26
  • As there is no Q/A for the same thing in VS2019 (visual studio express), and as this comes to the top of that google query as well, goto to Tools > Options > Environment > Fonts-And-Colors, find "Warnings" and make them white. Ditto with "Syntax Error" (or make it pale red). May 20, 2020 at 8:15

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To disable wavy/squiggly underline in vscode, go to preferences and set underline color to fully transparent:

    "workbench.colorCustomizations": {
        "editorError.foreground":   "#00000000",
        "editorWarning.foreground": "#00000000",
        "editorInfo.foreground":    "#00000000"

Though it may be better to make underline color just less vibrant:

    "workbench.colorCustomizations": {
        "editorError.foreground":   "#ff000088",
        "editorWarning.foreground": "#ffe60033",
        "editorInfo.foreground":    "#00ff0088"

In VSCode, those green squiggly lines mean a warning in your code. VSCode performs background code analysis(Linting) in order to provide you feedback about syntax and compilation errors.

In your particular case it is caused because of an empty CSS ruleset (declaring a selector but no properties). You can see the warning message by hovering mouse pointer over code with the green squiggly line underneath.

warning message VScode

You can disable the wavyline by disabling linting for CSS.

Go to File --> Preferences --> Settings and then place following line in Settings.json

"css.validate": false

Alternatively you can also change default behavior of empty ruleset which is "css.lint.emptyRules": "warning" to ignore VSCode settings.json There are also options to disable validating HTML and JavaScript code.

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    Is it possible to let VS-code disable to wavy-lines when the line is 140 chars or more? This is not a coding error. So I see no reason to not to disable it. Nov 15, 2017 at 0:07
  • @AverageJoe check these answers stackoverflow.com/questions/45447642/… Nov 15, 2017 at 13:28
  • and this one too stackoverflow.com/questions/29968499/… Nov 15, 2017 at 13:28
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    To disable some linters to hide the wavy-lines is not a good option IMO. They could simply show an icon near the line numbers column, warnings are helpful - another way could be to allow to change the color of that lines perhaps
    – Mat
    Dec 8, 2017 at 7:51

VSC Version: 1.45.1

Solution: Disable "JavaScript ESLint Enable" for JavaScript files.

  1. Open Command Palette by 'Ctrl+Shift+P'.
  2. From Command Palette find and click: 'Preferences: Open Workspace Settings'.
  3. From 'Workspace Settings' into search field type 'javascript'. From left sidebar look for Extensions -> ESLint.
  4. Click 'ESLint' and from right look for 'ESLint: Enable'.
  5. Uncheck 'ESLint Enable'.

enter image description here


Scenario: VScode 1.35.1 with installed extension "StandardJS - JavaScript Standard Style".

  1. The extension in javascript files: underlines some code, checks for indent spaces, etc.

  2. How to stop javascript code style validation ?

Solution: Disable "JavaScript Standard Style" for JavaScript files.

  1. Open Command Palette by 'Ctrl+Shift+P'.

  2. From Command Palette find and click: 'Preferences: Open Workspace Settings'.

  3. From 'Workspace Settings' into search field type 'javascript'. From left sidebar look for Extensions -> JavaScript Standard Style.

  4. Click 'JavaScript Standard Style' and from right look for 'Standard: Enable'.

  5. Uncheck 'Standard Enable'.


When using Python, the common advice is to use shift-ctrl/cmd-P, then set Python: Enable/Disable Linting > Disable and Python: Select Linter > Disable Linting. Neither of those was enough for me. Nor was I able to disable these by turning off the dozen or so linters listed under Settings > search > linting.

However, I was finally able to disable the wavy red underlines via Settings > Python: Language Server > None.

By the way, you can see where these underlines are coming from via View > Problems. In my case, they were coming from PyLance, and after I removed that extension, they came from Jedi instead. Even though I don't have the Jedi installed. It seems like Microsoft's own Python extension has Jedi somewhere inside and uses that unless you turn off the Language Server entirely.


Right Click in your editor window and select for 'Command Pallet' option

OR press CTRL+SHIFT+P and search for the option 'Enable Error Squiggle' and just click on it. That's it! If you want to Disable Red Wavy underlines showed after syntax error, just Follow the above procedure and search for 'Disable Error Squiggle' and click on it.

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    squiggle is not found when i type ctrl shift p Jun 6 at 17:41

If you are using Ruby and those are the files that you want to disable the warnings for, open the preferences file settings.json and modify the ruby linting rules as follows:

        "rubocop": false

If in dart in the flutter project, blue wavy lines are coming all over the code in the dart file, then make sure that you have saved the file with a name that contains lowercase and underscore characters only.


Disable wavy underline in VS Code in C on mac

  1. Press command+shift+p (open command pallete)
  2. Then type Disable Error Squiggles
  3. And click on that Disable Error Squiggles

Your squiggles are no more

If you want to restart squiggles for some reason then in command pallete type Enable Error Squiggles

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    This doesn't work for me. There's not a single command with Squiggle in the name. Di I need an extension for your suggestion? Because it sounds awesome
    – katerlouis
    Aug 20, 2021 at 12:42

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