My code is simple:

app = Flask(__name__)

db = SQLAlchemy(app)

And it throws no errors. However, when I inspect the metadata after this reflection, it returns an empty immutabledict object.

The parameters in my connection string is 100% correct and the code works with non-RDS databases.

It seems to happen to others as well but I can't find a solution.

Also, I have tried to limit the reflection to specific tables using the "only" parameter in the metadata.reflect function, and this is the error I get:

sqlalchemy.exc.InvalidRequestError: Could not reflect: requested table(s) not available in mssql+pyodbc://{connection_string}: (users)

I've fixed it. The reflect() method of the SQLAlchemy class has a parameter named 'schema'. Setting this parameter, to "dbo" in my case, solved it.

I am using Flask-SQLAlchemy, which does not have the said parameter in its reflect() method. You can follow this post to gain access to that parameter and others, such as 'only'.


This error occurs when reflect is called without the schema name provided. For example, this will cause the error to happen:

metadata.reflect(only = [tableName])

It needs to be updated to use the schema of the table you are trying to reflect over like this:

metadata.reflect(schema=schemaName, only = [tableName])

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