I'm writing a game in C++ using the SDL framework, and want to create my game's GUI using HTML/CSS. I've looked into frameworks such as Awesomium, however I'm turned off by the fact that it's not open source. I want to create my own implementation of a similar idea.

However, I can find almost no documentation on actually using WebKit in this manner. The closest I can find is this Apple Developer guide to using WebKit but it's targeted at MacOS-specific applications written in Objective-C. It makes mention of a "Webkit C Reference" toward the bottom of the page, but I cannot find this actual document anywhere. Additionally, I've read the resources on the WebKit Wiki as well as prior StackOverflow questions on the same topic, but I haven't been able to find anything in the way of direct, clear documentation on embedding WebKit in a C++ program.

Does this documentation exist somewhere? What is the best resource for documentation on embedding WebKit within a C++ application?


I'm not really sure about this, but when I read about "c++" and "html/css". QT comes to my mind. Maybe you want to check it out.

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