I am a beginner and wanted the insert the values into the database from a custom template page but the values are not stored.

This is my Edited code and added the full template code, am not find why it is not working, any solution for this

<?php /* Template Name: Contact */ ?>
function contact_form() {

$name   = $_POST['name'];
$email  = $_POST['email'];
$subject  = $_POST['subject'];
$comment  = $_POST['comment'];

global $wpdb;
$table_name = $wpdb->prefix . "wp_contact";
$wpdb->insert($table_name, array(
    'name' => $name, 
    'email' => $email,
    'subject' => $subject,
    'comment' => $comment

if( isset($_POST['submit']) ) contact_form();
<?php get_header(); ?>

<div class="container" id="contact">
<div class="row">
    <h2>Contact us</h2>
    <p>Lets get in touch and talk about your and our next project.</p><br>
    <form action="" method="post">
        <input type="text" placeholder="Name" required name="name">
        <input type="text" placeholder="Email" required name="email">
        <input type="text" placeholder="Subject" required name="subject">
        <input type="text" placeholder="Comment" required name="comment">
        <button name="submit" type="submit">
            <i class="fa fa-paper-plane"></i> SEND MESSAGE


<?php get_footer(); ?>
  • provide full template code. – Naveen Giri Apr 18 '17 at 12:57

change table name from,

$table_name = $wpdb->prefix . "wp_contact";


$table_name = $wpdb->prefix . "contact";
  • it did not work @ Ash :( – Peace Apr 18 '17 at 13:02
  • can you print query by $wpdb->last_query after insert query, to see what exactly in your query? – Ash Patel Apr 18 '17 at 13:04
  • then he need to define savequeries to true - – Stender Apr 18 '17 at 13:15

You should not use core PHP code here because WordPress already made it very easy to make anything like a contact form.

You should use https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7/ plugin. It will be very easy for you without mugging in the code for this small work.

check this doc https://contactform7.com/docs/

  • Not working @Naveen – Peace Apr 18 '17 at 13:22
  • any error you can get ? what is your table name ? – Naveen Giri Apr 18 '17 at 13:23
  • whenever i click on the submit button, it automatically takes to the index page..I dont understand why..am not getting errors..table name is wp_contact – Peace Apr 18 '17 at 13:23
  • what is your table name ? – Naveen Giri Apr 18 '17 at 13:24
  • 1
    Use wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7 plugin Its will be very easy for you without creating anything. just check contact form video and done – Naveen Giri Apr 18 '17 at 13:30

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