I recently changed from one domain to another, in that new domain i copied my wordpress files/databases, everything was working fine, until i found some posts without any categories in it, when i tried to edit thoose "categoriless" posts i found a weird error, they can't be changed.

Any modifications that i do gets saved on database as a new post version ( Wordpress even warns me that there is a newer version of the post ), but i simply cannot use the new version.

The only thing that i managed to alter in post os the slug, after moving the post to trash the sluged is updated to something like this: example.com/my-wordpress-post__trashed ( This post is still accessible in the website )

I deactiveted all the plugins and even changed the theme, but the problem persists, any ideas on where should i look to find a solution?


Try this,

I think you need to flush the permalinks. Go to Settings -> Permalinks -> Save Changes.

Thats all.

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You can try the following:

  1. export the contents of your Wordpress website
  2. perform a new installation of Wordpress
  3. import the exported data

If you change your domain name, then you have to change the site url of your wordpress installation.

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