I have a SQL Server Database as a project. I created it using Add Item -> SQL Server.

On the database project I do Add Item > Table which adds an SQL file. That sql file just creates a table with column Id, nothing else.

I then published that database. I can now see it on the Server Object Explorer. I want to populate the table using a CSV file, and I also want to import the columns from the CSV file.

Then I created a new Query in the Object Explorer and used a BULK INSERT statement to import the csv file. I wanted to see if it would work because the table has just an Id column, and it did not. So my question is, how do I import the new columns when the table already has it's own schema?

I have also used the SQL Import and Export Wizard which is packaged with Microsoft SQL Server 2016. That is able to create a new table, but not import the new columns into a previously existing table.


You can find the explanation of how to do this in 1 operation here:

How to create and populate a table in a single step as part of a CSV import operation?

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