I'm trying to build a web server with nginx.

My PC is a Mac OS so I just brew install nginx. It works well. I can execute nginx which is located at /usr/local/bin/ to start the server. Also, when I visit http://localhost, I can get the main page, which is located at /usr/local/var/www/index.html.

However, I can't find any source code of nginx.

So I download its source code from here.

Now I'm confused. I don't know how to organize my project.

For example, for this hello world, it just need #include <ngx_config.h> #include <ngx_core.h> #include <ngx_http.h>. It seems that it could use the source code of nginx as a c standard library.

How can I do the same thing?
Where should I put my developed module?


These two seems like very good starting point to me:


I haven't made any modules myself, but when I searched for one of my own problem solution I found the above links and these looks promising to me.

I will update you any progress I made during my experiment. And if you have already made any progress, please do share.

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