I am android app developer and in my work my boss wants to develop on EVOLVEO ANDROID BOX Q5 4K (http://www.evolveo.eu/en/android-box-q5-4k) and this device is not connectable through USB to the computer, so I am not able to debugg through USB.

I was looking for some solutions and I found debugging through wifi. This seems legit, but problem is that I have to run adb shell command (adb tcpip 5555) to enable wifi debugging on device, but I cannot do that because I cannot connect device through USB.

Is there a way to open tcpip port 5555 for debugging without connecting to computer through USB?


Visit https://developers.google.com/cast/docs/android_tv it can be done hopefully


For some devices we can't debug our app directly like normal, for those we need configure device to connect to our local machine. We need add VendorID & ProductID in androidsdk. These VendorID and ProductID are specific for device company and model. Do check android official doc for configuring device VendorID and PoductID.

Hope this useful..


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