I am creating a database that is trying to access values from a foreign key. I have created two following tables

    ComponentID varchar2(9) PRIMARY KEY
    , TypeID varchar2(9) REFERENCES TypeComponent(TypeComponentID)

INSERT INTO Component VALUES(192359823,785404309)
INSERT INTO Component VALUES(192359347,785404574)
INSERT INTO Component VALUES(192359467,785404769)
INSERT INTO Component VALUES(192359845,785404867)
INSERT INTO Component VALUES(192359303,785404201)
INSERT INTO Component VALUES(192359942,785404675)

CREATE TABLE TypeComponent (
    TypeComponentID varchar2(9) PRIMARY KEY
    , Type_Description varchar2(30) CONSTRAINT Type_Description 
        CHECK(Type_Description IN('Strap', 'Buckle', 'Stud')) NOT NULL

INSERT INTO TypeComponent VALUES(785404309, 'Strap')
INSERT INTO TypeComponent VALUES(785404574, 'Stud')
INSERT INTO TypeComponent VALUES(785404769, 'Buckle')
INSERT INTO TypeComponent VALUES(785404867, 'Strap')
INSERT INTO TypeComponent VALUES(785404201, 'Buckle')
INSERT INTO TypeComponent VALUES(785404675, 'Stud')

These are the two tables. Component and TypeComponent. Component is the parent entity to TypeComponent, and I am trying to run the following INSERT statement:

INSERT INTO Component VALUES(192359823,785404309)

but it is giving me the error

This is the session that I have so far in Oracle SQL dev

  • Can you please post your entire session and reformat your post a little bit ? – Rajesh Chamarthi Dec 3 '10 at 21:07
  • Whenever you enter SQL statements and error logs, please select the statements and click on Code (ie, icon with 1010 so that it is legible. Thanks. – Sathyajith Bhat Dec 3 '10 at 21:14

Try inserting in your TypeComponent table first, then insert into your Component table.

According to the error:

ORA-02291:    integrity constraint (string.string) violated - parent key not found
Cause:            A foreign key value has no matching primary key value.
Action:            Delete the foreign key or add a matching primary key.

This means that there is no matching key in your referenced table.


For your kind information, here is a site where you can get help with all of the Oracle error codes.


Here's the homepage for this site: http://www.ora-code.com/

Where you may replace the error code in the URL to suit the error code you're getting, and you'll access to the page for this error.

  • So are you saying that I should drop the two tables, then CREATE the TypeComponent table first then insert the statement into the Component table? – David Dec 3 '10 at 21:24
  • Ideally, know what is dependent, and what is not. In your scenario, Component depends on TypeComponent. I like to think of it like an atomic object. It can exist by itself. On the other hand, Component cannot exist without TypeComponent, since its TypeID field references the primary key of the TypeComponent table. Hence, when inserting into Component, the database engine checks for the reference you're giving it, the value of the TypeComponent.TypeComponentID, and since it cannot find it, it rejects the insertion, otherwise you would have a data integrity concern. – Will Marcouiller Dec 3 '10 at 21:29
  • I don't think the table creation order is an issue here, since you said that they both exist in your database. Aside, it would have perhaps made it obvious if you would have created the TypeComponent table before the Component, that a row needs to exist in TypeComponent in order to insert into Component. – Will Marcouiller Dec 3 '10 at 21:34

Please post your entire SQLPLUS session so that the error is easily reproducible.

Looks like the insert into the child table is being done before the insert into the parent table which is causing this error.

Change the order of inserts and rerun your code.

SQL> CREATE TABLE TypeComponent(
  2    TypeComponentID varchar2(9) PRIMARY KEY, 
  3    Type_Description     varchar2(30) 
  4    CONSTRAINT Type_Description CHECK(Type_Description IN('Strap', 'Buckle', 'Stud')) NOT NULL
  5  )
  6  ;

Table created.

  2    ComponentID varchar2(9) PRIMARY KEY, 
  3    TypeID varchar2(9) REFERENCES TypeComponent(TypeComponentID)
  4  )
  5  ;

Table created.

SQL> INSERT INTO Component VALUES(192359823,785404309);
INSERT INTO Component VALUES(192359823,785404309)
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-02291: integrity constraint (COAMGR.SYS_C002513823) violated - parent key
not found

SQL> INSERT INTO TypeComponent VALUES(785404309, 'Strap');

1 row created.

SQL> INSERT INTO Component VALUES(192359823,785404309);

1 row created.

SQL> commit;

Commit complete.

In component table you have

 TypeID REFERENCES TypeComponent(TypeComponentID)

And then you proceed with

INSERT INTO Component VALUES(192359823,785404309)

If you executed this first, then Oracle will throw Integrity constraint error because you are trying to insert into component table a value which is not present in TypeComponent table.

This is a problem because you have mentioned that TypeID is a foreign key, ie, the value of TypeID needs to be present in TypeComponent before inserting into Component

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    Worth pointing out a general rule here: when populating data, populate the reference data first (so component type is reference data), then main data. – araqnid Dec 3 '10 at 21:20

This error is present some times with the referenced key (foreign key in my case) this have errors. Please recreate the referenced key in the table.

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