I'm writing code that calls an external JavaScript library Foo but only if Foo is defined. The equivalent JavaScript code should looks something like this:

if (typeof(Foo) != "undefined") {

I've tried the following in Script#:

  • if (!Script.IsNullOrDefined(Foo)): My project requires aacorlib and cannot use sscorlib, where IsNullOrDefined is defined.
  • if (typeof(Foo).ToString() != "undefined"): Results in Foo.toString() !== 'undefined' which will fail because Foo is undefined.
  • if ((string)Type.InvokeMethod(null, "typeof", "Foo") != "undefined"): Compile error "The name of a global method must be a valid identifier", referring to "typeof".
  • if (Type.IsClass(typeof(Foo))):Fails at runtime with "Foo undefined" error.
  • if (typeof(Foo) != null):Emits "if(Foo!= null)" which throws "Foo undefined" error.

What should the Script# code look like to generate this JavaScript code?

Script.Literal("if (typeof(Foo) != \"undefined\") { Foo.bar(); }");

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