I am creating a table using Vue.js and I want to define an onClick event for each row that passes contactID. Here is the code:

<tr v-for="item in items" class="static" 
    v-bind:class="{'evenRow': item.oddeven=='1', 'oddRow': item.oddeven=='0' }"

On clicking a row, it is calling addToCount(), which is working. I want to pass item.contactID to addToCount(). Could someone suggest the correct syntax for this?


When you are using Vue directives, the expressions are evaluated in the context of Vue, so you don't need to wrap things in {}.

@click is just shorthand for v-on:click directive so the same rules apply.

In your case, simply use @click="addToCount(item.contactID)"

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    What if the argument I want to pass is not iterated through and keyable but rather hard coded as such <a href="#" @click="switchRoom" class="rooms">Interview Room</a> <a href="#" @click="switchRoom" class="rooms">Green Room</a> <a href="#" @click="switchRoom" class="rooms">Bavarian Caviar Room</a> <a href="#" @click="switchRoom" class="rooms">Sky Room</a> and I wanted to use the text content of the a elements in the switchRoom method? – Akin Hwan Feb 19 '18 at 21:58
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    @AkinHwan If it's already hard coded, just send the text as a parameter @click="switchRoom('Sky Room')" – Brian Glaz Feb 20 '18 at 15:20

Just use a normal Javascript expression, no {} or anything necessary:


if you also need the event object:

@click="addToCount(item.contactID, $event)"

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