Is there a way to declare a type in typescript that 'extracts' the inner type of an array?


Let's say I already have something like this in my codebase:

export interface Cache {
    events: Event[],
    users: User[]
type CacheType = Event[] | User[];

//or maybe: 
//   type TypeOfProperty = T[keyof T];
//   type CacheType = TypeOfProperty<Cache>; 

What I want is something which would be equivalent to this:

type InnerCacheType = Event | User;

But without manually retyping it every time I add something to Cache or CacheType

Is this possible in Typescript?

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This is possible with Typescript 2.8+. You can declare an Unpacked<T> type as follows:

type Unpacked<T> = T extends (infer U)[] ? U : T;

Now you can do

type InnerCacheType = Unpacked<CacheType>; // Event | User

This is a condensed definition of the Unpacked type given in the documentation.

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    type Unpacked<T> = T extends Array<infer U> ? U : T extends ReadonlyArray<infer U> ? U : T; this works with ReadonlyArray as well Jan 3, 2019 at 16:33

This could also be achieved with a type query. ie.

type CacheType = Event[] | User[];
type InnerCacheType = CacheType[number]; // Event | User

TS Playground

If you look at this comment from the ts dev team

You're allowed to write

const t: Array<string>[number] = "hello";

as a roundabout way of writing const t: string

So This will always hold true.


Let's assume that you can use TypeScript 2.1 or greater, otherwise there is no way to achieve what you're looking for.

Also, keep in mind that you're taking for granted that all the properties of the Cache interface will be arrays. If this is not the case, your question becomes senseless, so I will also make this assumption.

Generally speaking, CacheType can be written as

type CacheType = Cache[typeof Cache];

including any inherited properties. The obtained type is equivalent to Event[] | User[], however extracting the array components from such union type is unfeasible.

The solution is using mapped types. The InnerCacheType you are looking for can be written as

type InnerCacheType = MappedCacheType[typeof MappedCacheType];


type MappedCacheType = { [P in keyof Cache]: Cache[P][0]; };

In fact, the last type is equivalent to

{ events: Event; users: User; }

Please notice that TypeScript keeps the names the same as the original ones.

Summarizing, without considering your use case, the way to express the component type of an array type T is T[0].

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