I have a black and white image and the same image with color strokes. What I want to do is extract the color strokes, blur them and then blend original with the blurred image. I extract the color strokes by subtracting two images from each other, but I get those color strokes on a black background, whereas I need them on white to blend with the original. This is part of my code:

def imageblur(cimg):
    return cv2.blur(cimg, (50, 50))

bw = glob('path1')
colorful = glob('path2')
output_dir = 'path3'
index = 0

for i,j in zip(bw, colorful):
    img1 = cv2.imread(i)
    img2 = cv2.imread(j)
    color = cv2.subtract(img1,img2)
    color = imageblur(color)
    mask = Image.fromarray(np.uint8(color))
    img = Image.fromarray(np.uint8(img1))
    im = Image.blend(img, mask, 0.5)
    #color = img1 + color
    im.save(os.path.join(output_dir, str(index) + '.jpg'))
    index += 1

Sample images

  • what did you expect to happen? 255 (white) - 255 (white) = 0 (black). any own ideas or do you just want to be spoon-fed a solution? – Piglet Apr 21 '17 at 10:32

If you wanna change the background from black to white for RGB images, you can do something like this :

#thresholds all black color in your "color-on-black-background" image 
#to maximum value (255,255,255) (white) and sets the rest (yours colors) 
#to (0,0,0) (black)
#add both images

Input (img) : enter image description here

Thresholded (thresholded) : enter image description here

Output (res) : enter image description here


Used the sample image to get the result. The processing is slightly changed.

import numpy as np
import cv2
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
%matplotlib inline 

def show(title, img, color=True):
    if color:
        plt.imshow(img[:,:,::-1]), plt.title(title), plt.show()
        plt.imshow(img, cmap='gray'), plt.title(title), plt.show()

img = cv2.imread('color_strokes.jpg')
show('original', img)

show('mask', mask, False)

show('result', res, False)



image = plt.imread('image.jpg')

# Extract 2-D arrays of the RGB channels: red, blue, green
red, blue, green = image[:,:,0], image[:,:,1], image[:,:,2]

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