Checked the doc, but not talks about many details of implementation. Wondering if for a large array, does it perform in concurrent way?


The map implementation of Array specifically doesn't perform any multithreading, but there's nothing that says you couldn't make a concurrent implementation. Here's one that's generalized to work with any Sequence:

import Dispatch

class SharedSynchronizedArray<T> {
    var array = [T]()
    let operationQueue = DispatchQueue(label: "SharedSynchronizedArray")

    func append(_ newElement: T) {
        operationQueue.sync {

public struct ConcurrentSequence<Base, Element>: Sequence
    where Base: Sequence, Element == Base.Iterator.Element {
    let base: Base

    public func makeIterator() -> Base.Iterator {
        return base.makeIterator()

    public func map<T>(_ transform: @escaping (Element) -> T) -> [T] {
        let group = DispatchGroup()

        let resultsStorageQueue = DispatchQueue(label: "resultStorageQueue")
        let results = SharedSynchronizedArray<T>()

        let processingQueue = DispatchQueue(
            label: "processingQueue",
            attributes: [.concurrent]

        for element in self {
            print("Entered DispatchGroup for \(element)")

            var result: T?
            let workItem = DispatchWorkItem{ result = transform(element) }

            processingQueue.async(execute: workItem)

            resultsStorageQueue.async {
                guard let unwrappedResult = result else {
                    fatalError("The work item was completed, but the result wasn't set!")

                print("Exited DispatchGroup for \(element)")
        print("Started Waiting on DispatchGroup")
        print("DispatchGroup done")

        return results.array


public extension Sequence {
    public var parallel: ConcurrentSequence<Self, Iterator.Element> { 
        return ConcurrentSequence(base: self)


import Foundation

let input = Array(0..<100)
let output: [Int] = input.parallel.map {
    let randomDuration = TimeInterval(Float(arc4random()) / Float(UInt32.max))
    Thread.sleep(forTimeInterval: randomDuration)
    print("Transforming \($0)")
    return $0 * 2

// print(output.parallel.filter{ $0 % 3 == 0 })


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