I am trying to upload some big data onto phpmyadmin

I am getting this error where it does partial uploads

Script timeout passed, if you want to finish import, please resubmit same file and import will resume.

I have followed this link where it says change the config on \phpmyadmin\libraries\config.default.php

I cannot see this directory in the phpmyadmin. OS Ubuntu


i think there were problems with your sql codes, try to surrounding your sql codes (edit with text editor eg. notepad++) with following statement :

SET autocommit=0;
SET unique_checks=0;
SET foreign_key_checks=0;

at the beginning, and

SET unique_checks=1;
SET foreign_key_checks=1;

at the end.

and you could import your sql file once again. give it a try.


Go to xampp/phpMyAdmin/libraries/config.default.php find $cfg['ExecTimeLimit'] = 300; line no 695 and replace $cfg['ExecTimeLimit'] = 0;

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