Given the following Flow type alias (note that payload is an optional property):

type Action = { type: string, payload?: any }

How would I create a subtype of Action where payload is not optional anymore?

Generics doesn't get me anywhere because that works only on the type of payload itself, not the fact that it's optional. Preferably I'd like to be able to simply do this:

type MoreSpecificAction extends Action = { payload: any }

Working with a specific type where I know payload is not optional would allow me to avoid a lot of undefined checks. As a bonus I could make the type more specific too, but I can already achieve that using generics.


As explained in the accepted answer by Lewis, the solution is to use the spread operator along with $Exact<Action>. However, babel-eslint currently does not support this syntax, but there's a workaround using comments. Here's my final solution:

type LoadAttendeesAction = {
  payload: Array<Attendee>,
  /* :: ...$Exact<Action> */

One caveat is that Action will need to be in scope, but ESLint won't consider it being used, so you may need:

// eslint-disable-line no-unused-vars

This is well-timed. I just asked about this exact thing here: https://github.com/facebook/flow/issues/3534

You can do what you want using this:

type Action = {
  type: string,
  payload?: any

type MoreSpecificAction = {
  payload: any,

Just beware that currently, it seems like "downcasting" in this case will not report an error when it should (as of Flow 0.44.1):

const y: Action = {
  type: 'ACTION'

(y: MyAction);

But other than that, you will be able to write your action creators and reducers using MoreSpecificAction as defined above.

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