INFO: Error while reporting run start to Data Collector. URL: https://api.chef.io/organizations/james/data-collector Exception: 404 -- 404 "Not Found" (This is normal if you do not have Chef Automate)

I'm using windows(2012R2) machine as workstation, and ubuntu(14.04) as node. Bootstrapping node was completed, I updated one cookbook, I ran chef-client in node, But my recipes were not updated, It throwing above error. What I need to do? From where(/etc/chef/ or /home/ubuntu/ or /var/ or ??) I need to run this chef-client command?


As mentioned in the error itself, this is normal if you aren't using Chef Automate, it's not a fatal error and doesn't hurt Chef at all (other than the data collector subsystem disables itself since it has no server to report to).

  1. Please run the chef client in debug mode, it will provide more information: chef-client -ldebug
  2. Please check chef-client logs and focus on messages flagged with "ERROR"; the "INFO" message above is not the real reason of the failure;
  3. I guess the bootstrapped node does not have sufficient permissions to "read" (or "update") objects in the Chef server. This can be easily fixed using the Chef Server Management web interface: look-up the node with problems, check its permissions tab ("Details" - "Attributes" - "Permissions"): admins, clients, user, nodes..., add the name of the node /client, tick the appropriate permission checkbox: read, write etc.

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