Is there something like python's virtualenv in lua?

So I can install all required lua modules/rocks in a sandboxed environment. This is good for test, since I will not mess up with system-wide lua modules or another lua project's environment.

luarocks looks promising since its support of self-contained installation. But I'm interested that if there is some tool like virtualenv which automates the creation, maintenance and switch of sandboxed environments.

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It should be fairly simple to switch between Lua installs by setting the LUA_PATH environment variable. Quoting this page from the Lua documentation:

To determine its path, require first checks the global variable LUA_PATH. If the value of LUA_PATH is a string, that string is the path. Otherwise, require checks the environment variable LUA_PATH.


The components in a path are separated by semicolons (a character seldom used for file names in most operating systems). For instance, if the path is


then the call require"lili" will try to open the following files:



Have you tried LuaDist?

It solves exactly this issue by using so called 'deployments' - it is a single directory in which all dependencies and libraries (and even Lua interpreter) are installed, independent of the whole system.


It looks like vert is what you are looking for. Like virtualenvwrapper in Python, it allows you to define a self-contained Lua environment. Furthermore, it is available from luarocks.

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In Lua 5.1 there is the environment table, which you can put in global variables and then load strings or files with that table as _G, encapsulating that file.

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