I have created a virtualenv in python 2.7 (Anaconda) on a dev machine and (after package installation) copied it to another windows machine in a PROD setting (no communication to outside). Executing any of the installed ".exe" entry points for a program in the virtualenv produces this error on the target machine however runs fine on the source machine:

(env) D:\app\pyvenv>env\Scripts\pip.exe
Fatal error in launcher: Unable to create process using '"'

The location of python installation on both machines is set to the same folder: C:\ProgramData\Anaconda2

Also see my additional notes at the bottom of this post. thanks

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  • Possible duplicate of Pip - Fatal error in launcher: Unable to create process using '"' – fangxing Apr 25 '17 at 0:40
  • My question is not the same however very close. 1. My version of python is 2.7 and not 3 2. I'm running this in a virtualenv 3. Upgrading or installing anything on the destination is NOT possible since there is no connectivity anywhere. Had there been connectivity to the outside world I would not have run into this problem to begin with. 4. All other suggestions just don't apply – Jeff Saremi Apr 25 '17 at 4:42

in my case, I previously changed the name of the python.exe executable to python3.exe so when I run:

virtualenv project1_env

it can't locate the python.exe if that was your case too .. just rename it again to python.exe and it should work.

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In my case I uninstalled venv and then installed it again and it worked. pip uninstall virtualenv to uninstall it and use pip install virtualenv to install it again.

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I had the same problem. Try making virtualenv with this command:

virtualenv --python C:\Path\To\Python\python.exe venv

Note that you should specify the path to your python installation folder after --python option.

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