Got this error after upgrading to React when I ran my Jest unit tests:

React depends on requestAnimationFrame. Make sure that you load a polyfill in older browsers.

How do I fix it?

I'm using Jest 18.1.0.


Found a workaround!


  1. Create the file __mocks__/react.js
  2. Add the following into __mocks__/react.js

const react = require('react');
// Resolution for requestAnimationFrame not supported in jest error :
// https://github.com/facebook/react/issues/9102#issuecomment-283873039
global.window = global;
window.addEventListener = () => {};
window.requestAnimationFrame = () => {
  throw new Error('requestAnimationFrame is not supported in Node');

module.exports = react;

  1. Run jest !

As marked on comments on the code

This is the solution from https://github.com/facebook/react/issues/9102#issuecomment-283873039

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  • Worked perfectly, thank you very much! It’s been driving me insane for hours! – Y2H Nov 7 '17 at 9:30
  • 2
    I use redux-observable and RxJs, I needed to add: window.cancelAnimationFrame = window.clearTimeout and window.requestAnimationFrame = (cb) => window.setTimeout(cb, 1000 / 60) (I inspired from the code in RxJS) – Cecile Nov 20 '17 at 14:21
  • I wish someday I could find you and thank you!!. Thanks a lot you just made my day. – Pramesh Bajracharya Dec 2 '17 at 12:56

this worked for me:

  1. Install raf

npm install --saveDev raf or yarn add -D raf

  1. Add the polyfill to your setupFiles in your jest config in package.json like this:

'setupFiles': ['raf/polyfill']

Note: if you have other setup files in this array, you may want to put raf/polyfill first.

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If you just need to polyfill it for tests, then you don't actually need the throttling.

Create a new file with this code:

global.requestAnimationFrame = function (cb) {
    return setTimeout(cb, 0);

Add that file to the jest/setupFiles array in your package.json.

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  • 1
    nice ... i dropped the setTimeout and went with just cb() - works for all of my existing tests. – Stevie Sep 18 '17 at 9:53
  • 3
    i have added this to my setup file but still getting the warning. – th1rdey3 Sep 29 '17 at 14:10
  • @th1rdey3 in order to make work this the entry on package.json must be: "jest": { "setupFiles": ["./someFolder/jestHelpers.js"] } – AxeEffect Dec 20 '17 at 13:31

If you are using create-react-app, some of these solutions will not work well (or at all, in the case of setupFiles). What does work well is creating a file at src/setupTests.js and adding your mock in there:

global.requestAnimationFrame = (cb) => { cb(); };

You can also add other global mocks in there (e.g. localStorage and navigator.serviceWorker).

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Another working solution!

The idea is to load a simple shim before each spec, by using the setupFiles property in the jest config.

Create a file shim.js file (preferably in your root dir) and have this code in it:

global.requestAnimationFrame = (callback) => {
    setTimeout(callback, 0);

Next, you may be having redundant code that keep reappearing in all/most of your files - and you want to put them in a single file and have them run before each spec also, to do that:

Create a setup.js file in the root dir too. A good piece of redundant code to D.R.Y is the react enzyme adapter configuration code. Paste it here

import Enzyme from 'enzyme';
import Adapter from 'enzyme-adapter-react-16';

Enzyme.configure({ adapter: new Adapter() });

Now create the jest.config.js file, to specify the paths of the two files

    module.exports = {
        "setupFiles": ["<rootDir>shim.js", "<rootDir>setup.js"]

N.B: The jest config file take json, so make sure json's in. Also, if your shim.js and setup.js files are not in the same dir as your jest.config.js, adjust the path accordingly.

Hope this helps!

Credit: https://github.com/facebook/jest/issues/4545

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Here's a realistic way to mock requestAnimationFrame:

let time;
const maxTimeElapsed = 2000;

beforeEach(() => {
  time = 0;
  jest.spyOn(window, 'requestAnimationFrame').mockImplementation(cb => {
    time += 100;
    if (time < maxTimeElapsed) {
      return cb(time) as any;

in your test, it repeatedly calls the RAF callback until it reaches the max elapsed time that you set. It happens instantly, so you don't need to stall it.

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Just upgrade your react-scripts to 1.0.15 or above. It has been officially fixed after that version. See more details in https://github.com/facebook/create-react-app/issues/3199

Search the comment of gaearon commented on 31 Oct 2017

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Turns out it was because I upgraded enzyme without upgrading react and react-dom.

React 15.5 brings about some deprecations that caused many dependent libraries to have to update too. Make sure you are updating react, react-dom and check the README of those dependent packages for new libraries you have to install. For instance, Enzyme 2.8.2 now requires react-addons-test-utils as a dependency.

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  • 1
    I have upgraded react and react-dom but it seems not work. – zhaozhiming May 1 '17 at 0:49

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