Introduction: I have a method in Android for doing Long comparisons. Basically, I compare dates (timestamps/epochs). One of these comparisons checks if dates are equal "if (a2 == a1 && b2 == b1)".

Problem: The problem is that even when these numbers are equal, the "if" does not work. I am also attaching a screenshot from the debugging screen with the values that are being compared in an example.

Question: Would you know why the condition is not working? I can't figure since it is just math that should work. Maybe there is a casting issue that I am not seeing? All other cases the "if" works.


public ArrayList<Integer> getConflicts(ArrayList<AssetBooking> assetBookings) {

        Epoch epoch = new Epoch();
        ArrayList<Integer> conflicts = new ArrayList<>();

        for (AssetBooking aB : assetBookings) {

            Long a1 = aB.getFromDatetime() / 1000;
            Long b1 = aB.getToDatetime() / 1000;

            Long a2 = epoch.getEpochNoSeconds(fromDatetime);
            Long b2 = epoch.getEpochNoSeconds(toDatetime);

            if (a2 == a1 && b2 == b1) {

            if ((a2 < a1 && b2 >= a1) || (a2 == a1) || (a2 > a1 && b2 < b1) || (a2 > a1 && a2 < b1) || (a2 == a1 && b2 == b1)) {


        return conflicts;


Screenshot: enter image description here

  • try primitive type "long" instead of "Long" which is a wrapper class. – mudit_sen Apr 25 '17 at 9:56

Long is an object. if you type a1 == a2 you check if a1 is a2 - the same object, not the same value. If you want to compare it, you have to write a1.equals(a2) - as in String.

If you really do not need Long, use long - it will be easier and can be more efiicient

  • It worked... Can you help me to understand why people keep down voting my question? This is a great platform but people just down vote, I had care to write it. My other account I can't post questions anymore because people keep doing this. Aff. I don't know the point of the platform if people can't ask stuff they don't know... – Fabio Lanza Apr 25 '17 at 10:03
  • I think minus votes are because question is not related to Android, but to Java, and compariosn and equality of object and primitives is basic subject in Java learning. You probably will get faster response by searching in Google or in any book – Tomasz Czura Apr 25 '17 at 10:07

try this:

long a1,a2;
long b1,b2;

if (a2.equals(a1) && b2.equals(b1)) {


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