I'm trying to instantiate abc_d module and i don't want all of its ports to be declared as I/O ports in abc top module. I want to exclude ex_out_port to be declared as output port.

module abc(/*AUTOARG*/);
abc_d u_abc_d(/*AUTOINST*/);

expected code:

 module abc (/*AUTOARG*/
 input port1;
 input port2;
 output port3;
 output port4;
 wire ex_out_port;

 abc_d u_abc_d(/*AUTOINST*/
 .port1 (port1),
 .port2 (port2),
 .port3 (port3),
 .port4 (port4),
 .ex_out_port (ex_out_port)):

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Your verilog-auto-output-ignore-regexp is slightly off. It works after dropping the parenthesis around "ex_out_port"

//verilog-auto-output-ignore-regexp: "ex_out_port"

I was not able to find any code examples gnore-regexp in documentation or FAQ. I did find one example in a forum on the veriloop site (owners of verilog-mode): https://www.veripool.org/boards/15/topics/1635-Verilog-mode-Scope-for-AUTO_LISP-

FYI: Unless you are strictly following Verilog-1995 syntax or running obsolete version of verilog-mode, you can consider change:

module abc(/*AUTOARG*/);

To an ANSI style header which is supported since Verilog-2001:

module abc(

It is functionally and behaviorally the same with fewer lines of generated code.

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