I have a problem to build recipe containing & character in SVN path.

SRC_URI = "svn://servf7/Valve&Actuator/DVPII/trunk/SOCPACManEnv;module=trunk;rev=100108"

It does not work, because SVN fetcher cannot find sources:

Failed to fetch URL svn://servf7/Valve&Actuator/DVPII/trunk/SOCPACManEnv;module=trunk;rev=100108, attempting MIRRORS if available.

Adding escape character \& works better - sources are downloaded, however for some reason Yocto adds another \ and cannot find downloaded file (what exists: /trunk_servf7_.Valve&Actuator.DVPII.trunk.SOCPACManEnv_100108_.tar.gz):

Exception: FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/downloads/trunk_servf7_.Valve\\&Actuator.DVPII.trunk.SOCPACManEnv_100108_.tar.gz'

I have tried escaping by Valve\0x26Actuator, Valve%26Actuator, but in those cases SVN could not locate URL.

Unfortunately I cannot rename SVN folder, bacuase it contains dozens of old subprojects.

Yocto Morty 2.2.1.

EDIT: Escape character started working in Yocto 2.4.


The downloadfilename parameter to the fetcher might help you (in conjuction with escaping of &). Quoting the documentation: "Specifies the filename used when storing the downloaded file."

So what about this SRC_URI (assuming that package name and version are sane):

SRC_URI = "svn://servf7/Valve\&Actuator/DVPII/trunk/SOCPACManEnv;module=trunk;rev=100108;downloadfilename=${BP}.tar.gz"

Related documentation: https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/2.2/mega-manual/mega-manual.html#var-SRC_URI

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