I've got a custom post type 'locations' and each location has a postal code.

And I have another table with all postal codes of the country and their coordinates (longitude, latitude).

Now I want to display all existing locations within a given radius around a given postal code. I do know how to calculate the distance.

Do I have to select all possible postal codes first and then execute WP_Query with the meta_key = 'postalcode' and the meta_value IN [My list of possible postal codes], or is there any way to directly JOIN the tables using WP_Query?

I do need WP_Query, because I want to use Wordpress features like Pagination.


You can also use the global $wpdb to get the data from 2 or more tables. Stuff like pagination and many more can be done with $wpdb by passing custom $paged parameter and pagination function.

Reference : wpdb

Example of pagination with $wpdb : Pagination with $wpdb

use $wpdb->get_results($query,ARRAY_A) to get multiple rows use $wpdb->get_row($query,ARRAY_A) to get single row

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