When I run tests on Spring Boot the both schema-${platform}.sql and data-${platform}.sql is running.

In my scenario I have to remove the schema.sql from tests and set the datasource property datasource.jpa.hibernate.ddl-auto=update. When I remove the 'Schema 2' from test folder the 'Schema 1' keep running.

I have the following directory structure:

│   ├───main
│   │   └───resources
│   │       ├───locale
│   │       └───static
│   │       └data-mysql.sql
│   │       └schema-mysql.sql //Schema 1
│   └───test
│       └───resources
│          └data-mysql.sql
│          └schema-mysql.sql //Schema 2

-> Both Schema 1 and Schema 2 has the same sql instructions.

Is there anyway to keep the data-mysql.sql on tests folder, remove the schema-mysql.sql from test folder and the tests not run the 'Schema 1'?


One solution is to user a different profile for testing

1. So for testing you would set a system property on the JVM command line. Such as -Dspring.profiles.active=testing
-Dspring.profiles.active=ci or something as random as -Dspring.profiles.active=raining

2. You would then create a second application.properties file matching the profile

For example application-testing.properties

In that properties file you can then specify the location and name of the have data file using


Spring Boot Profile Documentation


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