I am wondering if there are any efficient methods or one-liner that, given a pandas DatetimeIndex date1, return a DatetimeIndex date2 that is the first day of the next month?

For example, if date1 is '2011-09-30' then date2 is '2011-10-01'?

I have tried this one liner


But this seems only able to return the "last day of the same month". Is it possible to do some datetime arithmetic here?



You can use pd.offsets.MonthBegin()

In [261]: d = pd.to_datetime(['2011-09-30', '2012-02-28'])

In [262]: d
Out[262]: DatetimeIndex(['2011-09-30', '2012-02-28'], dtype='datetime64[ns]', freq=None)

In [263]: d + pd.offsets.MonthBegin(1)
Out[263]: DatetimeIndex(['2011-10-01', '2012-03-01'], dtype='datetime64[ns]', freq=None)

You'll find a lot of examples in the official Pandas docs

  • @MaxU Amazing. This possibly saves me hours. Yes I am new to Python and just skipped that part of the manual because I didn't quite understand. Thanks for providing the resources to more examples! – yuqli Apr 26 '17 at 14:06

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