Spyder just notified me that a new version (3.1.4) is available and should be installed. However, Anaconda thinks that version 3.1.3 is the newest version, so I can't update through Anaconda. I tried two ways of updating through Anaconda:

  • In Anaconda Navigator, when I click on the gear icon to the top right of the Spyder icon, 'Update application' is grayed out.
  • In Anaconda Prompt, I typed conda update spyder and got the following output:

    \# All requested packages already installed.
    \# packages in environment at C:\Python27\Anaconda2:
    spyder                    3.1.3                    py27_0

Why does this happen? Anybody dealt with this before? Can I expect Anaconda to recognize the new update in a few days? Will it at least notice when 3.1.5 comes out? Is there a way to update spyder without bypassing Anaconda?

Some extra info:

  • According to the Python package index, Spyder 3.1.4 was uploaded on April 24.
  • I also tried conda update conda which told me I'm already running the latest version of Anaconda: 4.3.16

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According to the release notes:

Note: This usually takes a couple of days to work until conda packages are created and uploaded by Continuum. Please be patient.


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