I got the article ID and category ID but couldn't get the parent category ID.

How do I proceed?

Article ID:

<?php $id = (int)JRequest::getVar('id'); echo $id; ?> 

Category ID:

<?php $catid = JRequest::getInt('catid'); echo $catid; ?>

I want to find out the parent-Category ID.


If you looking for parent category id of a category then you can try this -

$category = JTable::getInstance('category');
echo $category->parent_id;
  • Thanks. Let me have a look at it :) – Elaine Byene Apr 30 '17 at 13:18
  • Within an article default template, this worked for me: $category = JTable::getInstance('category'); $category->load($this->item->catid); echo $category->parent_id; – Ralf Sep 10 at 19:50

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