I am trying to pass the following configuration parameters to Airflow CLI while triggering a dag run. Following is the trigger_dag command I am using.

airflow trigger_dag  -c '{"account_list":"[1,2,3,4,5]", "start_date":"2016-04-25"}'  insights_assembly_9900 

My problem is that how can I access the con parameters passed inside an operator in the dag run.


This is probably a continuation of the answer provided by devj.

  1. At airflow.cfg the following property should be set to true: dag_run_conf_overrides_params=True

  2. While defining the PythonOperator, pass the following argument provide_context=True. For example:

get_row_count_operator = PythonOperator(task_id='get_row_count', python_callable=do_work, dag=dag, provide_context=True)
  1. Define the python callable (Note the use of **kwargs):
def do_work(**kwargs):    
    table_name = kwargs['dag_run'].conf.get('table_name')    
    # Rest of the code
  1. Invoke the dag from command line:
airflow trigger_dag read_hive --conf '{"table_name":"my_table_name"}'

I have found this discussion to be helpful.

  • 1
    I am getting error dag_run not fount on Airflow server
    – Mohamed T
    May 5 '20 at 11:24
  • 1
    How can I loop the account_list that is being passed as params?
    – alltej
    Jul 13 '20 at 20:22
  • What if a docker operator is used instead of a python operator? Is it still possible to pass the dar_run.cong arguments to the command of the docker operator?
    – jwzinserl
    Jul 20 at 22:33

There are two ways in which one can access the params passed in airflow trigger_dag command.

  1. In the callable method defined in PythonOperator, one can access the params as kwargs['dag_run'].conf.get('account_list')

  2. given the field where you are using this thing is templatable field, one can use {{ dag_run.conf['account_list'] }}

The schedule_interval for the externally trigger-able DAG is set as None for the above approaches to work

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    is there a way to access dag_run from within a with DAG() as dag: block? i would like to parse params values into tasks based on say whether a conf key exists and if not, take a default_arg value instead (rather than putting too much logic into the jinja template itself).
    – yee379
    Mar 19 '18 at 9:20
  • 2
    maybe conf = dag.get_dagrun(execution_date=dag.latest_execution_date).conf
    – fpopic
    Oct 20 '19 at 14:44
  • 1
    @yee379 No; in a Dag file you are defining the DAG but the Run only exists after it is scheduled or triggered. Like a task is defined but a task instance only exists during a run. Do not change the dag structure dynamically per run. Instead make tasks that either no-op or skip themselves based on conditions.
    – dlamblin
    Apr 30 '20 at 0:20

In the case you are trying to access the Airflow system-wide config (instead of a DAG config), the following might help:

Firstly, import this

from airflow.configuration import conf

Secondly, get the value somewhere

conf.get("core", "my_key")

Possible, set a value with

conf.set("core", "my_key", "my_val")
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    This is a totally different conf not related to the DAG run conf.
    – dlamblin
    Apr 30 '20 at 0:22
  • 1
    I don't think the distinction in the question was that clear. This still helped me! Thanks Dec 29 '20 at 14:47

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