Is it possible to launch angular2 cli 4.0 into an iframe on a website, in order to have a preview of angular2 components? I would be grateful for an answer to this question.


You could run an angular app and load it into iframe. In your app, you should create a route where only one component will be visible. Then you can load it into iframe in the other website.

Example: your component would be available at http://localhost:4200/components/card

and then on your website, you can load it like this: <iframe src="http://localhost:4200/components/card></iframe>

  • Is it possible to Load an angular app in a div? – LordDraagon Sep 13 '18 at 10:44

Lets say you angular app is hosted at http://localhost:4200 which is the default url when you run the app with ng serve

Just add <iframe src='http://localhost:4200'> in you web app and angular app will be loaded inside you website.

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