I have a following document

   "_id": "00094248b3a7a744a88b2c77b1001c5d",
    type: 'contact',
    firstname: 'firstname',
    lastname: 'lastname',
    email: ['home': 'foobar@foobar.net', 'work': 'foobar@foobar-working.net'],
    phone: ['home': '+81 00 0000 0000'],
    address: [],
    files: [
        name : "SomeNAME",
        id : "SOMEID"


Now I want to retrieve the document with files{id}=SOMEID, How do I achieve that using curl?

Note that I'm using CouchDB 1.6, so the Mongo style queries are not available to me.

First define a view. Ad hoc queries is something couchdb in general doesn't do. You can find an example, complete with map function here.

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