I just found about new Intersection Observer API on mozilla dev. I am going through it. It says that:

The Intersection Observer API allows you to configure a callback that is called whenever one item, called a target, intersects either the device viewport or a specified element; for the purpose of this API, the root element.

And it explains with following code snippet:

var options = {
    root: document.querySelector('#scrollArea'),
    rootMargin: '0px',
    threshold: 1.0
var callback = function(entries, observer) { 
    /* Content excerpted, shown below */ 
var observer = new IntersectionObserver(callback, options);

I want to know it's use case. Doc only talks about how it can be used. It does explain in where it can be used. Thanks


I'm using IntersectionObserver and I pretty much love it.

One use case can be lazy loading images in your website, optimising your website payload to perform only the image fetch's user needs to see at the time.

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