What is the code equivalent of setting endpoint headers in configuration?

<endpoint address="http://localhost/..." >

An alternative that doesn't require creating a new OperationContextScope and setting the header every time you use the client is to specify the headers when creating the EndpointAddress.

Example (adapted from https://stackoverflow.com/a/5340009/35233)

var binding = new WSHttpBinding ();
var address = new EndpointAddress (
    new Uri (RemoteAddress),
    new AddressHeader[] {
        AddressHeader.CreateAddressHeader ("APIKey", "", "bda11d91-7ade-4da1-855d-24adfe39d174")

var client = new ExampleClient (binding, address);

This works:

var header = MessageHeader.CreateHeader("something", "", "blah");

using (new OperationContextScope(channel))

  //your normal call here
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    Is there a way to assign these beforehand to the client or channelfactory without having to be in the current operation context? – kappasims Oct 31 '12 at 19:07

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