I have installed couchdb 2.0 on cent OS. I was wondering if any additional tools are needed to store and query geojson documents ? Do I have to install geocouch as well ? If so, how do I install geocouch over couchdb 2.0 ?

  • Did you end up in any solution for this? – kontrollanten Feb 18 at 20:53

Despite GeoCouch is part of the CouchDB 2.0 documentation, its developer's website states it does not yet work with CouchDB 2.0.

Instead you may want to have a look at Cloudant Lab's easton and hastings.

As almereyda answered Cloudant Lab's eastong and hastings will let you do geospatial indexes for CouchDB 2.0+. Since it was pretty hard to get up and running with those tools I created a Docker image for that.

You can find the docker image at https://hub.docker.com/r/kontrollanten/couchdb-hastings/. You should be up and running within some minutes. Be aware that huge databases may take some time for the first query (since CouchDB is creating the indexes upon query).

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