I have this Full-Text-Search function:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION search_questions(psearch text)
  RETURNS TABLE (questionid INTEGER) AS $func$
  return QUERY
  SELECT DISTINCT (questions.publicationid)
  FROM questions
  WHERE to_tsvector(coalesce(questions.title, '')) @@ to_tsquery(psearch)
        publicationid IN (
          SELECT DISTINCT(publications.publicationid) FROM publications WHERE to_tsvector(coalesce(publications.body, '')) @@ to_tsquery(psearch)
$func$  LANGUAGE plpgsql;

but it only works with a single word parameter. If I search for "user test", it returns

ERROR: syntax error in tsquery: "user test"

Is there any way to search for texts with whitespaces in it?

Kind regards

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I found how to solve it. Here it goes

Replace: to_tsquery(psearch)

with: plainto_tsquery(psearch)

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    If you are wondering, why: to_tsquery creates a tsquery value from querytext, which must consist of single tokens separated by the tsquery operators & (AND), | (OR), ! (NOT), and <-> (FOLLOWED BY), possibly grouped using parentheses. In other words, the input to to_tsquery must already follow the general rules for tsquery input
    – pozs
    Apr 28, 2017 at 8:44

You can put single quotes around your terms and still use to_tsquery().

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