I have a method which is using DocumentHelper API from Kentico:

public static TreeNode GetDocument(string pageType, string aliasPath)
     var document = DocumentHelper.GetDocuments().Types(pageType).Path(aliasPath, PathTypeEnum.Single).FirstOrDefault();
     return document;

I wanted to do a unit test for this method, but I'm not sure how can I fake the DocumentHelper output. Any suggestions?


You have several options:

  • Create a non-static wrapper around DocumentHelper. It shouldn't contain any logic apart from passing parameters. Make the wrapper implement an interface and then create mocks implementing that interface.

  • If you have the Enterprise edition of Visual Studio, you can take advantage of "Microsoft Fakes (Unit Test Isolation)" and let it generate fake assemblies for you. Add fakes assembly

  • Create a wrapper using delegates. (No real advantage compared to the first approach.)

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