I got my self into a bit of a pickle where I have a custom user role "librarian" and I would like to hide all pages from admin except the "library" page, so the librarian be able to edit this one page, all other pages will not show.

I found this code here where I can hide certain pages for custom roles:

add_filter( 'parse_query', 'exclude_pages_from_admin' );
function exclude_pages_from_admin($query) {
    global $pagenow,$post_type;
    if (is_admin() && $pagenow=='edit.php' && $post_type =='page') {
        $query->query_vars['post__not_in'] = array('21','22','23');

As answered here: https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/13528/hide-a-page-in-the-admin-end-without-a-plugin

But considering my site has 50 pages I would rather reverse this solution and hide ALL the pages and make then make only page id 21 visible to the librarian.

Would it be possible?


Hello You can use reverse of 'post__not_in' which is 'post__in'

Hope it will help you.:)

  • That seems easier than I thought :) thanks, I'll give it a go .. – Joe Bloggs Apr 28 '17 at 6:53
  • happy to help you :) – Suraj Menariya Apr 28 '17 at 6:54

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