I've a problem regarding Swing's JTable. It seems like there are different editing modes for the cells; one for a single click and one for a double click.

See the following example to understand the problem more precisely:

When I just single click into a cell and start typing I can simply use a KeyListener to detect the inputs using the KeyEvent. The event will be fired whenever I use the keyboard to type a key.

Single Click

But when I double click a cell it somehow uses a different editing mode which supresses the KeyEvents so that the KeyListener is never informed about keyboard interactions.

Double click

Is there any option to disable this "second" editing mode or to register a KeyListenerfor this editing mode, too?

  • for why reason is there added a low level KeyListener to XxxTableCellEditor, hint DocumentListener / Filter is designated to listen a changes for editong in JTextComponents, for better help sooner post an SSCCE / MCVE, short, runnable, compilable with hardcoded value for JTable / XxxTableModel in local variable – mKorbel Apr 28 '17 at 10:41

Don't use a KeyListener. That is used in old AWT applications. Swing has newer and better APIs

Don't know exactly why you are trying to use the KeyListener, but in Swing your would probably use either:

  1. a DocumentFilter
  2. a DocumentListener

Read the Swing tutorial on Text Component Features for more information.

So you would need to

  1. get the editor for the column
  2. get the editor component from the editor

Read the API for the JTable and TableCellEditor for the appropriate methods.

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