In a validation setup I want to change the value of a header of a HttpRequestMessage.

In a HttpClientHandler I have the following code:

protected override async Task<HttpResponseMessage> 
               SendAsync(HttpRequestMessage request, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
     //some condition when to alter the header

    //does not work: value is read only
    request.Headers.Single(c => c.Key == "FooHeader").Value = 
               new List<string>({"aha!"}); 

    //does not work: cannot apply indexer
    request.Headers["FooHeader"] = "aha!"

    //does work but seems a bit overkill, besides I need to check if it exists
    request.Headers.Add("FooHeader", "aha!");

Is there a more intuitive way to achieve this?


There is not better built-in way to replace headers. You could create an extension method to do this in more fluent way:

public static class HttpRequestHeadersExtensions
    public static void Set(this HttpRequestHeaders headers, string name, string value)
        if (headers.Contains(name)) headers.Remove(name);
        headers.Add(name, value);

Then you can use it like:

request.Headers.Set("FooHeader", "aha!");
request.Headers.Set("FooHeader", "ahaha!");
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