I'm trying to figure out how to create a custom background effect for text. In other words, how can I make something like this: enter image description here


Use the <mark> element and tweek the line-height

mark {
  display: inline-block;
  line-height: 0em;
  padding-bottom: 0.5em;
<h1><mark>Lorem ipsum</mark></h1>

  • I only recently learned this element even existed. Now I know why :) – somethinghere Apr 28 '17 at 17:06
  • @somethinghere me to! I just had to go trough this list a few days ago. The list ain't that big but good to know... – caramba Apr 28 '17 at 18:41
  • 1
    I found out through htmlreference.io not so long ago as well. It sounds like a deprecated element, reminding me of marquee. Also, turns out I'm old enough to think that... – somethinghere Apr 28 '17 at 18:43
  • 1
    Any idea how to get that working on multiline headlines? – AndreLung Aug 6 '19 at 13:55

A very good article explains a nice way to do that with gradients: https://thirtyeightvisuals.com/blog/low-highlight-heading-links-squarespace

.highlight {
  background: linear-gradient(180deg,rgba(255,255,255,0) 50%, #FFD0AE 50%);

For these I usually use an SVG pixel (a 1x1 stretchable HTML-encoded SVG with a fill color) that we can manoeuvre anyway we want:

h1 {
  background: url("data:image/svg+xml;charset=utf8,%3Csvg version='1.1' xmlns='http://www.w3.org/2000/svg' x='0px' y='0px' width='1px' height='1px' viewBox='0 0 1 1' preserveAspectRatio='none'%3E%3Crect x='0' y='0' width='1' height='1' fill='red' /%3E%3C/svg%3E") no-repeat 100% 100%;
  background-size: 100% 50%;
<h1>My Text</h1>

This also allows for animations to be easily added. This only works on single-line items, however. You can change the color inside the svg fill property. If encoded it works on IE9+, so it's pretty compatible! Just remember that the hash sign in front of hex colors needs to be encoded as well - its %23 (personally I use sass to encode it for me).

  • I like your answer! +1 – caramba Apr 28 '17 at 16:44

Try resizing the line size. Line-height. And then highlight the text.

  • Whats line-size? And how does line-height affect this? It does neither. – somethinghere Apr 28 '17 at 14:59

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