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After trying to use json-loader with no success, I cant load an array of JSON into my react code, using webpack 1.4 and babel, if that makes a difference.

import data from '../data/item-types.json';

Returns an empty object with no errors

import data from 'json-loader!../data/item-types.json';

Gives an error message

ERROR in ./~/json-loader!./src/data/item-types.json
Module build failed: SyntaxError: Unexpected token ; in JSON at position 12
    at Object.parse (native)
    at Object.module.exports (...\node_modules\json-loader\index.js:7:48)
 @ ./src/components/search.js 25:17-63

The JSON is an array, 100% valid when pasted in an online JSON editor. I've also tried :

const data = require('../data/item-types.json');

That gives me an empty object


const data = require('json!../data/item-types.json');

Gives me the same error as above

Here's a snippet of the data :


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json-loader doesn't support json arrays without keys. The array needs to be put inside an object.


Edit : Using Webpack 1.x , I had to add json-loader module to my webpack.config file, and omit the json! keyword when importing the json file to get it to work.

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