while meteor js is not running on arm processors in the newest version i'm trying to switch to pure node js.

I don't know what the best solution is for my purpose.

I need a frontend (maybe vuejs or express js) and a backend for saving things into a database. A great thing of vue js is that i can run a "build" for getting pure html with javascript which can run with apache or nginx.

But a backend has to run with node js.

So it doesn't seems to be the best solution, because i have to run apache and node js on my pi which has not much ram.

The problem is that i need to have a realtime connection to the backend which is not very easy with a javascript frontend and a php backend (so i don't need to run apache and node js).

What can i do to run a realtime app with frontend and backend and only one webserver (software)?

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Meteor can easily be made to run under pure node.js by creating a production bundle. However, with a local MongoDB as well, this solution will still require a lot of resources, which might be too much for a Pi.

It sounds like your use case is maybe better served by something like for example GUN.

You could also look at Horizon. Since the RethinkDB Company closed down it has no official support, but the database has been resurrected by the community and Horizon might well be too.