I have Intellij IDEA installed on my Debian Jessie with Cinnamon. It has shortcut ALT+SHIFT+F10. The problem is that the input language change shortcut is ALT+SHIFT, so when I try to use IntelliJ shortcut it works, but it also changes the language.

Moreover, on my work computer under Windows 10, the language doesn't change. I think it is because, on Windows, language switching is performed after I release the keys, and on Debian when keys are pressed.

So how should I set language change shortcut on keyUp event? Again, my goal is to use IntelliJ ALT+SHIFT+F10 shortcut without immediate language switching (assigned to ALT+SHIFT).


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Keyboard shortcuts on Cinnamon are changed in the Keyboard Settings Screen. To begin editing shortcuts click on the menu button, navigate to preferences and scroll down until you see "Keyboard".

enter image description here

Note, on my system I do not have anything mapped to alt+shift so you might have another application that is listening on that key combination.

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