I have a TableView with messages from my members. I added a label to display the number of Like on each post.

How to click on the Label and not on the row?


var args = arguments[0] || {};
var dataArray2 = [];

$.tableView.addEventListener("click",function(e) {
  if (e.source.id == "likeCloud") {
    Ti.API.info("Click like");
    var sendit = Ti.Network.createHTTPClient({
        onload: function(){
            var json = JSON.parse(this.responseText);
            //var json = json.todo;
            if(json.length == 0){
                $.tableView.headerTitle = "The database row is empty";
            dataArray2 = [];
            for( var i=0; i<json.length; i++){
                dataArray2.push((Alloy.createController('listecloudsrow', {
                    username: json[i].username,
                    content: json[i].content,
                    filename: json[i].filename,
                    jaimes: json[i].jaimes,
                    coms: json[i].coms,
                    idpost: json[i].id

    sendit.open('GET', 'http://www.****');


    <Window id="listeclouds" title="Clouds">
        <TableView id="tableView"/>


var args = arguments[0] || {};
var clouds = args.content;
$.usernameList.text = args.username;
$.content.text = clouds.replace(/\r\n|\n|\r/gm," ");
$.like.text = args.jaimes;
$.coms.text = args.coms;
    $.avatar.image = "http://www.********/"+  args.filename;
    $.avatar.image = "http://www.********/";
function montrerCloud(e) {  
    var payload = {
        idpost: args.idpost,


    <TableViewRow class="RowClouds" layout="horizontal" onClick="montrerCloud">
        <View class="GaucheListe" width="10%">
            <ImageView id="avatar"/>
            <Label id="usernameList"/>
        <View class="MilieuListe" width="80%">
            <Label id="content"/>
        <View class="DroiteListe" width="10%" layout="vertical" id="likeCloud">
            <View layout="horizontal" height="25dp" width="100%">
                <Label id="like" />
                <Label icon="fa-thumbs-up" />
            <View layout="horizontal" width="100%">
                <Label id="coms" />
                <Label icon="fa-comments" />
            <Widget id="fa" src="com.mattmcfarland.fontawesome"/>
        <View height="2dp" width="100%" backgroundColor="#000"></View>

If you added the click listener to the row you'll get the name of the element in the event source:

tableview.addEventListener("click",function(e) {
  if (e.source.id == "like") { 
        // this is the like label

and there you'll see which element receives the click.

  • Here is an example of my code. How can I click on the Like label? (And not click on the table row) <Alloy> <TableViewRow"> ....... <View> <View layout="horizontal" > <Label id="like" /> <Label icon="fa-thumbs-up" /> </View> <View layout="horizontal"> <Label id="coms" /> <Label icon="fa-comments" /> </View> <Widget id="fa" src="com.mattmcfarland.fontawesome"/> </View> ..... </TableViewRow> </Alloy> – Rechart May 1 '17 at 16:29
  • The answer stays the same: you'll add one eventListener to the table that will catch all events. And you use the event source to distinguish between all the elements. E.g. you'll get like or coms inside e.source.id in my example when you'll click your elements. You just ignore other id's (__alloyXX) or use e.source.apiName to filter out all Ti.UI.Label – miga May 1 '17 at 20:39
  • I tried, but it opens the message (it considers that I clicked on the row) – Rechart May 3 '17 at 13:54
  • So you already have a click listener attached? Then just put the source.id check inside that listener. If it is id==like then do the like stuff otherwise open the message. It might be useful to set an id to the view around the like-label because it is hard to hit the label and check if you click the view-id. Set touchEnabled=false to the like-label. – miga May 3 '17 at 16:46
  • Inside your likeCloud you have two views that are covering the whole likeCloud. So you need to add touchEnabled=false to them and its working fine because they intercept the click. Same for the labels itself, otherwise you have to click inside the free space that is not covered by a letter. – miga May 4 '17 at 17:28

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