So here are some similar but outdated answers that might have helped me few years/months ago:

Why can't I see http or https traffic from Chrome Browser for Android on Charles Proxy?

How to get charles proxy work with Android 7 nougat?

I followed all of the instructions, I can read http requests fine, but not https requests. Still can't figure what I am doing wrong. There isn't much of my own to post since I have just followed the above guides.

I think the main issue is how do I force the app I am trying to debug to use my certificate? The manifest modifications don't seem to do the trick.


See this question which has updated answers for Charles 4 and Android 7.

  • You must install the cert from Charles help menu, and you must use Settings -> Security -> Install from storage on device.

  • Your app needs a network_security_config.xml

  • You must use a debuggable app

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