I have an HTML audio tag and an HTML file input tag, as shown below. I'd like users to use the Upload File button to select a song from their computer, then play it using the audio tag.

<audio id="audio">
    <source src="" id="thesource" />
<input type="file" id="upload" title="Upload File" />

How do I let users upload audio files from their computer and play it? This must be done locally, as it is being used in a downloadable web app I am creating.

EDIT: Long ago, after lots of hard work and rediscovering past projects, I developed a solution to this question by converting some image-uploading code from one of my past projects into audio-uploading code. Now, years after I originally asked this question, I feel stupid for not realizing that answer earlier. I posted and edited the answer down below for any people who also need this.

  • Well, very nice HTML code. What about JS, jQuery code? Have you written anything yet or you just want us to write that app for you? – Oen44 Apr 30 '17 at 19:05
  • This html "code" is just an excuse, show us what you really tried – Alon Eitan Apr 30 '17 at 19:06
  • Also, if there is a way to get the local path of a file that is uploaded, that would simplify this. I've searched for it, but everyone says it is impossible. – Cannicide Apr 30 '17 at 19:29

I originally said there was no answer -- I was wrong. I have found the answer.

function handleFiles(event) {
    var files = event.target.files;
    $("#src").attr("src", URL.createObjectURL(files[0]));

document.getElementById("upload").addEventListener("change", handleFiles, false);
<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.1.1/jquery.min.js"></script>
<input type="file" id="upload" />
<audio id="audio" controls>
  <source src="" id="src" />

This does exactly what I wanted -- it allows uploading of any audio file and plays it. Try uploading any music from your computer into the snippet.

Note: Browsers like Google Chrome constantly update how and when audio/video can be played for evolving convenience or security. This answer is currently working, but if it is no longer working at any point in the future, please post a comment below so I can fix any problems that emerge.

  • It's probably worth noting that you don't need the event to grab the file. You can just use this.files[0] from within the listener. – php_nub_qq May 6 '20 at 11:57
  • That is true, although from what I understand, if you are using the ES6 arrow functions (() => {}) the this reference is different and does not refer to what you may expect of a regular function. Using event avoids this issue altogether regardless of what type of function you are using. I didn't want people who use arrow functions to believe that the answer doesn't work. – Cannicide May 18 '20 at 16:27

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