If I want to extract the value for access token what should be the values for the below in Regular Expression Extractor


Reference name: ?
Regular Expression: ?
Template: ?
Match No: ?
DefaultValue: ?

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Your regular expression will be "access_token":"(\w+)" to extract the value for access token. See here to match the expression.

Reference name: Any_Variable_like_i.e_Var1
Regular Expression: "access_token":"(\w+)"
Template: $1$
Match No: 1
DefaultValue: No need to put any value there.

You can set your regular expression extractor like this: enter image description here

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    I would suggest to fill in the 'default value' field to something like NOT_FOUND. So each time the extraction fails you know it. – DMC May 3 '17 at 8:33

It is better to use JSON Extractor

$..access_token for access_token

$..refresh_token for refresh_token


enter image description here

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