I need to add some Objective-C files of a library to my project, and I created the MyProject-Bridging-Header.h file myself. But now I'm not able to set its path because in the project's Build Settings I don't find the Objective-C Bridging Header entry.

Is somebody else experiencing the same? How could I solve this?

  • Look at "Swift compiler - General" section in your target build setting. Or try to restart your XCode – Duyen-Hoa May 1 '17 at 14:29

In Build Setting choose "all" instead of "basic" enter image description here


Usually when you had an Objective-C/Swift project and have added new Swift/Objective-C class file Xcode asks whether you want to create Bridging Header or not.

  • If the option to create Bridging Header automatically f.e. has been denied there`s still an option to create it manually.

  • Since you have already created YourProject-Bridging-Header.h header file all you need to set the path to it in your project Build Settings.

  • To set the path to your Bridging Header file you need to navigate to your project Build Setting where look for Swift Compiler – General section like the Hoa mentioned above.
    It is located between "Swift Compiler - Custom Flags" and "Swift Compiler - Search Paths" ones at the same page with all "Swift Compiler" sections.

  • There you can see Objective-C Bridging Header which you can click and set the path to your YourProject-Bridging-Header.h Bridging Header file like YourProjectName/YourProject-Bridging-Header.h.

  • Now you can open up your YourProject-Bridging-Header.h and put Objective-C/Swift classes using the #import statement into it.

Thanks to http://www.learnswiftonline.com/getting-started/adding-swift-bridging-header/
And Objective-C Bridging Header not getting created with Xcode 8

  • The thing is that under Swift Compiler - General section I only see Optimization Level – AppsDev May 1 '17 at 15:50
  • That's true, sorry. I meant if you open up the page with Swift compiler's the Swift Compiler - General will be a little bit lower than the Swift Compiler - Code generation at the same page. You should stick with the Swift Compiler - General and check for Objective-C Bridging Header there. – Alexander May 1 '17 at 15:57

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