Here is my design:

type Handler func(c *gin.Context)
func PreExecute(c *gin.Context, handle_func Handler) Handler {
    if c.User.IsAuthorized {
        return handle_func
    } else {
        return some_error_handle_func

and I want to decorate every handler by PreExecute just like the decoration in Python. So I am looking for some std::bind functions in golang to get PreExecute a exactly same signature as Handler

What I expect:

handler = std::bind(PreExecute, _1, handler) // where _1 hold the position for parameter `c *gin.Context`

some function like std::bind

How can I do that in Golang? Are there some more elegant methods to get this work?

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  • @ChristianDean actually I am enlightened by the python of concept of the aop, or decoration, so I think it's not spam tag. perhaps someone else may be interested in this question
    – Liu Weibo
    May 2 '17 at 4:07

Closure, here is my solution:

handler_new = func(c *gin.Context){ return PreExecute(c, handler_old)(c) } // since there is no return value of handler, so just do not use `return` statements, I will not correct this error

and then handler_new can be used as:


It's the same as

handler_new = std::bind(PreExecute, _1, handler_old)

in C++

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