I have a form that populates various values, then posts those values to a page when the user submits. Now, I wish to see what params[] contains (by displaying it on the page I post to) just to fool around with my form definitions a little bit. I looked for an easy way to render params, but haven't quite found the solution. Any helpful suggestions SO?

thanks in advance

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Another way is to make use of the helper functions for debugging as described in http://guides.rubyonrails.org/debugging_rails_applications.html

The technique, as previously described is to use params.to_yaml.

Alternatively, in your application.html.erb file put the code

<%= debug(params) if Rails.env.development? %>

after the <%= yield %> call

This will display in the view the params, for example

--- !map:ActiveSupport::HashWithIndifferentAccess 
action: edit
controller: contracts
id: "8"

The nice feature is that the information is only output in the Development mode environment, as per the check that is executed to determine which Rails environment is running.


Try <%= params.to_yaml %> in your view


Try using in this view in the view you are posting

    <%= params[:name_of_posted_param].each {|param|
    params //do something with the param here
} %>

A better way would be to do this in the helper and pass the returning variable in the view.


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